Great cars coming in 2024 and beyond

Take a look at all the cars, SUVs and trucks heading our way, whether they be electric or combustion powered

Why Diesel Engines Are More Efficient Than Gas Explained

While diesel and gasoline engines both perform the same general function, the differences in their designs make diesel the more efficient option.

Tech startup develops solution to electrify semi-truck fleets: 'There's no modifications needed whatsoever to the diesel truck itself'

"It's a net positive for them; they're saving money on fuel, and that's the end of the story." Tech startup develops solution to electrify semi-truck fleets: 'There's no modifications needed whatsoever to the diesel truck itself' first appeared on The Cool Down.

New Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport Has 296 HP And Steering Related To A Bugatti Chiron

For the 50th anniversary of the iconic hot hatch, the Golf GTI gets more power and style, but not as much as we expected.

Chevy’s Electric Camaro Could be One of the Most Affordable EVs in America

General Motors’ president spoke to MotorTrend about the automaker’s upcoming plans for an all-electric Camaro that keeps its pony car style.

12 Of The Coolest Tesla Cybertruck Features You Might Have Not Known About

The Tesla Cybertruck is officially on the road, and it comes with plenty of features you might not know about. Here are 12 of the coolest ones.

Most Valuable Vintage Matchbox Cars Worth 100 Times Their Original Price

Some of the most valuable vintage Matchbox cars were originally samples.

14 Dangerous Sports Cars for Experienced Drivers Only

During the Arizona Nationals at Firebird Motorsports Park, something unexpected happened. NHRA Pro Stock driver Camrie Caruso was making a high-speed pass in her Camaro when things went sideways—literally. The car lost control and smashed into the track’s wall at around 142 mph, which left her with a broken leg. Crashes like these are not uncommon, even for professional drivers. Sports cars are designed to win races, and with speeds of over 150-200 mph, these cars are no joke to handle. Today, we will look at 14 vehicles you should avoid if you don’t have the experience.

5 Mid-Size SUVs To Avoid When Looking For A Used Car In 2024

If you have your sights set on a used mid-size SUV, but unsure which make and model to get, here are five that you should steer clear of in 2024.

Stellantis Recalls Over 200,000 Vehicles

Stellantis is recalling over 211,000 SUVs and pickup trucks due to a software malfunction that may cause their electronic stability control systems to fail.

13 Fastest Cars in the World in 2024

Pure speed.

FIA releases details on next-gen 2026 F1 racecars – DRS is gone

The FIA announced the first round of specifications for the next generation F1 racecars to start in 2026. The post FIA releases details on next-gen 2026 F1 racecars – DRS is gone appeared first on The Manual.

I drove Hyundai's $52,000 Palisade SUV. These were my 24 favorite features

I recently reviewed a fully-loaded 2024 Hyundai Palisade Calligraphy SUV. I was blown away by its premium cabin, smooth engine, and advanced tech.

The world’s coolest police cars

Cop a load of these...

2025 Ford Mustang GTD's Interior Looks Livable but Lacks a Back Seat

Ford has finally revealed the GTD's interior, which has two rear windows, including one for watching the suspension at work.

How EV Charger Hacking Threatens Personal Data and the Power Grid

Electric vehicle chargers are plagued with security flaws that could expose sensitive data and—in a worst-case scenario—bring down power grids. WSJ reveals how chargers can be hacked and what it will take to make them more secure. Photo illustration: Preston Jessee

John Deere unveils new farming equipment that could change the face of agriculture as we know it: 'This is similar to proven technology'

"Sooner than later, the sheer economics of battery power will make switching a no-brainer." John Deere unveils new farming equipment that could change the face of agriculture as we know it: 'This is similar to proven technology' first appeared on The Cool Down.

California Considers Charging Drivers by the Mile

The state is seeking volunteers to test a mileage tax program to recover declining gas tax revenues caused by the increase in electric vehicles.

10 Of The Best New SUVs For Families

California voted to ban new diesel trucks at ports. Why did L.A. and Long Beach just add 1,000 more?

While California waits for the EPA to act, more than 1,200 trucks have obtained new registrations to move cargo at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach this year; 90% run on diesel.

The 15 Coolest Cars Of The 1980s

The true cost of mining electric car-battery metals

Your average EV has six times more mineral content than a petrol- or diesel-powered vehicle. But what's the cost of mining all these metals?

America’s grandest auto company? The Rise and Fall of Packard

The story of Packard

Biden admin can’t ‘force’ electric vehicle goals: Robert Wolf

Former Obama economic adviser Robert Wolf and Solus Alternative Asset Management’s Dan Greenhaus discuss the Biden administration’s electric vehicle push despite low demand.

Tesla Has a Trade-In Problem. It’s Going to Last Awhile.

New car prices and used car prices are always linked. That’s why Tesla’s aggressive price cuts designed to sell more new EVs have created a problem for existing owners.

Cheapest 400hp Cars You Can Buy Brand New In 2024

Looking to get the most bang for your buck? Here are the cars with the highest horsepower-to-price ratio

'CyberGuy': Bullet train-looking giant semitruck to hit US highways

Kurt Knutsson examines Kenworth’s SuperTruck 2, an aerodynamic tractor-trailer for better efficiency.

‘It Still Boggles My Mind'- Electric 18-Wheelers are Here and Even More Ridiculous Than the Cars

‘It Still Boggles My Mind'- Electric 18-Wheelers are Here and Even More Ridiculous Than the Cars

5 Best Cars To Buy on a $100K Salary

No matter how much money you make, affording a new car can be a challenge. That's especially true since you'll hear lots of different advice about how much of your salary should go toward your...

2025 Toyota Crown Signia First Drive Review: A Camry Wagon Masquerading as Royalty

Toyota won’t admit it, but there’s a new wagon in town.

Most interesting European cars we’ve ever spotted in American junkyards

American junkyards are inevitably full of Detroit's finest - but we've unearthed plenty of European models on our travels too

Popular Automotive Trends That Were Banned By The Authorities

The authorities gave all of these mods a hard pass.

V6 Vs. Hybrid Shootout: 2024 Toyota Camry Vs. 2025 Hybrid-Only Camry

Out with the old, in with the new. Will the automotive world miss the V6-powered Camry?

BMW Fastest in Shortened Qualifying at 24 Hours of Le Mans

Kamui Kobayashi’s off-track excursion at the Karting corner in the Toyota GR010 Hybrid brought out a red flag that ended the session early.

14 Meanest Looking Cars on the Road

Don’t mess with me! That’s what some cars seem to convey as they rumble down the street. These vehicles exude in-your-face attitude, be it their aggressive grille, sharp-angled headlights, or wide, muscular stance. And, if you crave a ride that turns heads, not for being adorable but for wickedness, you’re in luck, as we have the meanest cars lined up for you.

Why Don't Trucks Have Dual Gas Tanks Anymore?

Dual gas tanks used to be a prominent feature in American trucks in earlier decades, but the progress of engineering (and other factors) has phased them out.

EPA sued by consumer, manufacturing, agricultural coalitions over new vehicle emissions standards

Three coalitions comprised of consumer advocacy groups, manufacturing firms, agricultural interests and marketers will be filing a legal petition to try to halt the EPA's new tailpipe rule.

Canepa Commissions A Porsche Restomod You've Never Heard Of

This is Kalmar's first 7-97 commission for the United States, and it's headed to a well-known classic and collectible Porsche dealer.

New Ford Capri Will Arrive Next Month As Electric SUV

But it will not be the same four-seat coupe that Europeans love.

Auto review: Chevy fields a surprisingly attractive, affordable new battery electric SUV

It’s no mystery why mainstream consumers aren’t flocking to electric vehicles. While public infrastructure remains an issue, if you own a home with a 240-volt outlet, that’s not a problem. The issue is the vehicles themselves. Until now, most were Lilliputian in size and driving range at a gargantuan price premium. Consider the 2011 Ford Focus Electric with its Lilliputian 115-mile range and ...

What's So Special About The Chevrolet El Morocco?

There wouldn't even be an El Morocco, or a story, without Canadian businessman Reuben "Ruby" Allender.

10 Practical Electric Cars With Rock-Solid Dependability

These are the electric cars you need to be looking at if you value practicality and reliability

Largest US oil trade group to sue to block Biden's EV push

By Jarrett Renshaw (Reuters) - The nation's largest oil trade group, which includes Exxon Mobil and Chevron , will file a federal lawsuit on Thursday seeking to block the Biden administration's efforts to reduce planet-warming emissions from cars and light trucks and encourage electric vehicle manufacturing, the group said. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued new tailpipe emission

Globalization Is Falling Apart. Just Look at the Auto Industry.

The EU unveiled tariffs on EVs from China on Wednesday, just days after Turkey made a similar move. The U.S. increased its own tariffs a couple of weeks ago.

13 Classic Cars Driven by Hollywood Stars

The Hollywood glitz and glamour are incomplete without the coolest cars the world has ever seen. With luxury and style reigning supreme, classic cars have always stood out as a symbol of status, elegance, and a touch of nostalgia among the litany of million-dollar Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and Maybachs. Many Hollywood stars have been charmed by vintage automobiles since the golden age of modern cinema. Same way they carefully choose their red carpet rides, classics can be more than just a mode of transportation – the representatives of an era and an extension of the stars themselves. Ladies and gentlemen, join us in this scenic drive through Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Malibu, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Hollywood Hills, and wherever else these legendary figures love to frolic, as we raise our glasses to the iconic classic cars that captured the hearts of some of Hollywood’s finest performers — who made us laugh, cry, and dream.

A New Hydrogen Combustion Engine Is Legitimately Heating Up

Will it actually transform the future of driving?

EVs Could Last Nearly Forever—If Car Companies Let Them

An electric car capable of running for 1 million miles is within reach.

13 of the Most Unusual Cars We’ve Ever Seen

Whether it's useless parts or experimental shapes, these cars are strange.

Cathie Wood just revamped her Tesla stock price target

The company's shares have slid 24% over the past two years.

Waymo recalls 672 self-driving vehicles after Arizona collision

By David Shepardson WASHINGTON (Reuters) -Alphabet's Waymo said Thursday it would recall 672 of its self-driving vehicles after one of its driverless vehicles struck a wooden utility pole in Phoenix, Arizona in May. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration regulator opened an investigation in May after 22 reports of Waymo's robotaxis exhibiting driving behavior that potentially