Aptera solar electric vehicle drives towards production

Aptera Motors cofounder & co-CEO Chris Anthony discusses the firm’s solar electric vehicle

13 Electric Buggies That Are a Total Blast To Drive

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6 Of The Coolest German Muscle Cars Ever Built

German engineering has produced plenty of cool muscle cars just as capable of pinning drivers against their seatbacks as any Mustang, Roadrunner, or Cutlass.

California voted to ban new diesel trucks at ports. Why did L.A. and Long Beach just add 1,000 more?

While California waits for the EPA to act, more than 1,200 trucks have obtained new registrations to move cargo at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach this year; 90% run on diesel.

Ford Mustang GTD Carbon Series Revealed With Supercar Interior

When you're entering the elite world of supercars, you need more than just performance to attract big checks.

Toyota plans to allow drivers to easily change their car color, following in BMW's footsteps

Ditching vinyl wraps and painting jobs, the motor company plans to use the technology that can change colors when in heat or exposed to light.

13 Classic Cars Driven by Hollywood Stars

The Hollywood glitz and glamour are incomplete without the coolest cars the world has ever seen. With luxury and style reigning supreme, classic cars have always stood out as a symbol of status, elegance, and a touch of nostalgia among the litany of million-dollar Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and Maybachs. Many Hollywood stars have been charmed by vintage automobiles since the golden age of modern cinema. Same way they carefully choose their red carpet rides, classics can be more than just a mode of transportation – the representatives of an era and an extension of the stars themselves. Ladies and gentlemen, join us in this scenic drive through Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Malibu, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Hollywood Hills, and wherever else these legendary figures love to frolic, as we raise our glasses to the iconic classic cars that captured the hearts of some of Hollywood’s finest performers — who made us laugh, cry, and dream.

What we're driving: The 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe

I recently visited seven U.S. national parks, and came to appreciate their incredible diversity — no two are the same, so it's impossible to rank them against one another. That couldn't be said for the cars in their visitor parking lots, which were packed with rows of lookalike SUVs. Why it matters: Sport-utility vehicles (and softer-riding "crossover utilities," or CUVs) have surpassed sedans as America's most dominant car species. Yet it's...

Tesla's Semi is changing the rules of the road

Tesla's Semi truck can travel up to about 500 miles on a single charge.

Future Classics: 24 Cars of Today Destined to Be Classics

Snag these now and you'll be glad you did.

13 Fastest Cars in the World in 2024

Pure speed.

Cateye Chevy Silverado: Everything To Know About The Sharply Styled Pickup

This well-loved pickup gets its nickname from its distinctive styling, and it still looks good today.

The story behind the rise of the Big Three Automakers

A close look at how America's largest car firms got that way

13 Times We Wondered What Chrysler Was Thinking

We're gonna open this can of worms...

1973 Lotus Europa Is Today's Bring a Trailer Pick

The Europa was a pioneering mid-engine sports car.

I drove Hyundai's $52,000 Palisade SUV. These were my 24 favorite features

I recently reviewed a fully-loaded 2024 Hyundai Palisade Calligraphy SUV. I was blown away by its premium cabin, smooth engine, and advanced tech.

5 Best Cars To Buy on a $100K Salary

No matter how much money you make, affording a new car can be a challenge. That's especially true since you'll hear lots of different advice about how much of your salary should go toward your...

Advocacy group raises concerns about top-selling SUVs: 'Absolutely ridiculous'

"It's not just you: Cars are getting bigger and bigger." Advocacy group raises concerns about top-selling SUVs: 'Absolutely ridiculous' first appeared on The Cool Down.

Car dealers and Big Oil are suing the Biden administration over efforts to boost EV sales

Some powerful groups are suing the government to slow the adoption of electric vehicles. The American Petroleum Institute, along with the National Corn Growers Association, the American Farm Bureau Federation, and six auto dealers “collectively operating dozens of dealerships in major markets across the country,” announced Thursday that they filed a federal lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency. The groups aim to stop a Biden...

Auto mechanic reveals his picks for most reliable vehicles

‘Car Wizard’ David Long joins ‘The Big Money Show’ to share his top ‘no-brainer buys’ under $10,000.

How Much Range does a Tesla Model X have after 7 years?

This 2017 Tesla Model X was BRAND NEW when we bought it! Time to do a proper range test to see how much battery I ACTUALLY have after 100k miles! Follow us on Instagram: What's Inside: Lincoln: Claire: London: Leslie: Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: Music from Epidemic Sound. Sign up here for access to their music library:

13 Reasons the 2024 Chevrolet Suburban Is a Family Favorite – And 5 Caveats to Consider

A Girls Guide to Cars

10 Of The Best New SUVs For Families

I drove Tesla's Cybertruck. These 10 cool features made it (almost) seem worth the $100,000 price tag.

Driving the Tesla Cybertruck was a strange mix of fun, bewilderment, and sheer embarrassment. These 10 features impressed me the most.

Did you buy one of the worst cars of all time? Here are the bottom 30, ranked by automotive experts

Many Americans have owned at least one lemon – did yours make the list?

Why Don't Trucks Have Dual Gas Tanks Anymore?

Dual gas tanks used to be a prominent feature in American trucks in earlier decades, but the progress of engineering (and other factors) has phased them out.

3 Facts About The 2008 Pontiac G8 Probably Only Hardcore Car Fans Know

The muscle car swansong of Pontiac came with the 2008 Pontiac G8, but it was also a popular platform for other types of vehicles that utilized its potent V8.

These Gas Pickup Trucks That Are a Waste of Money

Don't waste your money

10 Practical Electric SUVs With Rock-Solid Dependability

If you value reliability and lots of interior space, these 10 EV crossovers and SUVs are the best of the batch.

5 Best Japanese Cars for Retirees on a Budget

If you're a retiree on a budget, finding the right car might feel overwhelming if you're looking for a cost-effective vehicle that checks off all your boxes. Check Out: 10 Cars That Outlast the...

What to do with old EV batteries? Recycle them!

More and more electric vehicles are being driven on German roads, making the question of what happens to old batteries increasingly important. A battery recycling plant has now started operations in Hamburg.

2024 Bentley Bentayga Off-Road Review: Aired Down, Pinkies Up

The 2024 Bentley Bentayga isn’t normal. No car that costs more than $200,000 is. That’s especially true of a super-luxury SUV with a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 and a 180-mph top speed. Still, Bentaygas spend most of their time performing normal jobs—driving to and from Whole Foods, cruising on the I-10 outside L.A., and playing Baby Shark over the 20-...

Ford ends controversial EV dealership program

Ford initially asked dealers to invest upward of $1 million in order to sell electric vehicles.

Town officials share surprising cost savings after switching police vehicles to Teslas: 'This benefits our taxpayers'

"It was a risk in the very beginning, but it's proven now." Town officials share surprising cost savings after switching police vehicles to Teslas: 'This benefits our taxpayers' first appeared on The Cool Down.

Lease The New Honda Prologue For Less Than A Tesla Model Y

Is this deal enough to get you into Honda's first EV?

From The Past To The Future In A 1966 Austin-Healey 3000

I have always loved the Austin-Healey 3000. It's such a quintessential sports car. There’s nothing really like it: that thunderous exhaust note, the physical & gutsy Healey engine. Is there another car that has such a throaty, growling sound? One with such tremendously sexy power? Photo: Beverly Hills Car Club The entire Austin-Healey range hits an extremely uplifting nerve: it’s a marque of British motoring panache, with a place of honor in UK...

These Teens Built a Winning Racer: Part Police Car, Part Truck, All Pink

Four high-school friends formed Material Girls Racing and mashed up a Ford Ranger and a Ford Taurus to create “Rangerus.”

5 Car Brands With the Most Reliable Engines

You can argue that tires are a car's four most important safety and performance features, but all the basic components are equally critical. If one fails, the vehicle becomes unusable and costs you...

Here's What the Air Force's Factory-Deleted Ford Diesels Sound Like

Who would've guessed changing the exhaust system creates a bit of a different tone?

Cathie Wood just revamped her Tesla stock price target

The company's shares have slid 24% over the past two years.

California Considers Charging Drivers by the Mile

The state is seeking volunteers to test a mileage tax program to recover declining gas tax revenues caused by the increase in electric vehicles.

Tech startup develops solution to electrify semi-truck fleets: 'There's no modifications needed whatsoever to the diesel truck itself'

"It's a net positive for them; they're saving money on fuel, and that's the end of the story." Tech startup develops solution to electrify semi-truck fleets: 'There's no modifications needed whatsoever to the diesel truck itself' first appeared on The Cool Down.

5 Of The Coolest Saab Fighter Jets Ever Built

To many, Saab is known as a once popular automotive manufacturer, but the name is also attached to some of the best and coolest fighter jets ever built.

John Deere unveils new farming equipment that could change the face of agriculture as we know it: 'This is similar to proven technology'

"Sooner than later, the sheer economics of battery power will make switching a no-brainer." John Deere unveils new farming equipment that could change the face of agriculture as we know it: 'This is similar to proven technology' first appeared on The Cool Down.

5 Small Car Engines With Impressive Horsepower Output

Typically, V8, V10, and V12 engines hold the mark for incredible horsepower, but here are five small engines that have an impressive output of their own.

Groundbreakers: the cars that did it first

We take a look at all the cars that changed the world – one new technology at a time

Are we seeing a return to internal combustion engines?

"Gearheads are realizing the experience is such an important part of the car," said Car and Driver magazine's Tony Quiroga.

13 of the Most Unusual Cars We’ve Ever Seen

Whether it's useless parts or experimental shapes, these cars are strange.

Globalization Is Falling Apart. Just Look at the Auto Industry.

The EU unveiled tariffs on EVs from China on Wednesday, just days after Turkey made a similar move. The U.S. increased its own tariffs a couple of weeks ago.

12 Luxury Cars We Can’t Believe Are This Affordable

Daydream of cruising down the highway in a head-turning luxury car, but 6 or 7 figures sting? Well, that’s because “luxury” probably makes you think of Bugatti, Bentley, Rolls Royce, etc. Sure, they offer top-of-the-line rides that scream opulence, but some hidden gems justify the “luxury” label equally well without requiring you to win a lottery or heist a bank. We have unearthed 12 fantastic luxury rides you can genuinely own and drive. There’ll be cool SUVs, fancy sedans, and even some sporty options – all shout “wow” from inside out.