A Volkswagen dealership in Raleigh, North Carolina issued a public apology after 11 customers received oil change reminder stickers displaying a racial slur.

Leith Volkswagen of Raleigh said the slur was added to the stickers after business hours by a teenager who was present with a third-party cleaning service, Automotive News reports. According to WRAL News, the teen was accompanying a parent who works for the cleaning outfit. The teen was allegedly found to have adjusted the text on the stickers via the dealership’s sticker-printing machine. The incident took place on the evening of February 24, but was not discovered until customer pickups the following day. The dealer told the news outlet the cleaning service was terminated following the incident.

The manipulated stickers in question read "We Thank You for Your Business!" followed by a racial slur. Employees, unfortunately, did not notice the profanity before a number of stickers were affixed to customer vehicles following service appointments. Leith Volkswagen of Raleigh personnel say they made contact with all 11 customers impacted by the insensitive stickers within 48 hours.

“We deeply regret this unfortunate situation occurred and we are taking the necessary steps to ensure that this does not happen again,” reads the dealership's apology letter posted to Facebook.

Regardless of the quick action, not every customer is ready to accept Leith Volkswagen’s apology. Customer Conrad Alston has purchased two VW vehicles from the dealer in the past, but told WRAL News that he’s hesitant to return to the dealership after receiving one of the modified oil change reminder stickers.

“I think somebody should have looked into this and seen it before it happened, seen it before any customer got treated in this manner that day,” Alston said.

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