Buick is a premium crossover and SUV manufacturer today, but the brand has a long and rich history that includes muscle cars and some real capable performance cars, such as the revered GNX.

A crazy idea that got off the ground thanks to a dream and some luck and produced for 1987 only. The more common Grand National was a variant of the base Buick Regal and would come with the 3.8-liter turbocharged V6 offering performance (up to 245 / 335 lb-ft) to go with its black stylish exterior.

This exclusive render courtesy of HotCars digital artist Rostislav Prokop shows how a modern GN might look if the brand brought back the nameplate to spice up its model range.

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The New Buick Grand National: A Turbocharged Coupe Returns

Of course, the Buick GNX was a reengineered Grand National with spannering by ASC/McLaren, raising power to around 300 hp and 400 lb-ft (the official figures were 276 hp and 360 lb-ft).

The Grand National got built in far higher numbers than the GNX which only got produced in 547 examples, and the GN left a legacy and loyal fan base in its wake.

Imagining a return to form for Buick with a sporty coupe in its lineup is difficult, but the last modern Regal platform would still do.

This new Grand National uses a familiar modern Buick face, with a muscular coke-bottle style body shape in gold, but there are more familiar GN design anchors.

From the front, the gills reappear on the front fenders, and there is a shaker hood-style scoop that reminds of the power bulge in the classic car’s own hood.

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This Is How Much A Buick Grand National Is In 2023

At the rear of the car the core Regal and Grand National styling features are clear – the thick pillar towards the rear of the roof that made the classic icon so memorable, and the horizontal rectangle light units on the back of the car.

This is a Grand National for 2023; it has an aerodynamic exterior, a retro-influenced design and thanks to GM’s parts bank there is potential for the 6.2-liter V8 from the Chevy Camaro.

If you look to the internet for Buick Grand National values, you may see that figures vary wildly depending on different factors including year, but Classic.com thinks Buick Grand Nationals are worth an average of $45,000, with some going up for auction for much more.

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