If you like extreme off-road adventures, especially the ones that take you to places that have no roads and an unlimited supply of snow, then we have a perfect vehicle just for you. Arctic Trucks, the company specializing in vehicle preparation for – you guessed it – adventures in the Arctic, just unveiled its latest creation. They took the Land Rover Defender 110 and gave it a Yeti treatment, transforming it into an unstoppable snow adventure truck.

Sasquatch-Sized Shoes

The star of the show, in this case, is, without a doubt, the set of 35-inch BF Goodrich KO2 tires. They could as well be Bigfoot’s favorite pair of hiking boots. These giant 35s sit snugly on 20-inch forged alloy rims, giving the Defender 110 AT35 a ground clearance that’ll make many serious off-roaders jealous.

Fitting tires this big isn’t just a matter of slapping the rubber on and walking away. The chassis needed extensive modifications with extra-wide fender flares, available in black or body-colored, completing the wild look. The suspension received additional 0.6-inch lift on the standard airbags but if that’s not enough the optional Bilstein adjustable coilover kit will bump that number to 0.8 inch. That’s of course without counting the increased ground clearance provided by the tires.

A Defender Fit for a Yeti

The huge tires aren’t the only thing that’s different on this Defender. The 110 AT35 received a full Yeti makeover with extended aluminum side steps, lave-red recovery points and oversized mudflaps. All those items are there to make clear that this Defender means business. The optional full-size spare wheel and LED lights on the roof complete the off-road look.

Of course, no off-road conversion from Arctic Trucks would be complete without an upgraded interior. Not that Defender lacks anything in this department, but the company decided to fit the 110 AT35 with premium leather upholstery and extra squishy floor mats. Whatever the weather outside, the interior is as plush as a five-star hotel.

The Million Dollar Question

Arctic Trucks have left the powertrain untouched. With the Defender coming with a choice of a six-cylinder diesel, and going all the way to the utterly mad twin-turbo V8, there is an option for everyone. Well, maybe not for everyone.

To get the AT35 conversion, you first need to own the Land Rover Defender 110 which starts at $60,000 for the cheapest version. Go for the range-topping V8 Carpathian Edition and you are looking at $111,500. And then, there’s the matter of nearly $40,000 in conversion costs and additional taxes on top of that. Once you figure out the logistics of getting your Defender to the UK for this mad conversion, you’ll be happy to know the work takes only two weeks.

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