In a very short time, the upstart company Genesis has made big waves in a very established and expensive pond. Hyundai’s luxury division has done a remarkable job of taking what we like most about other luxury cars and SUVs and giving them just enough of a twist to be unique. Its first SUV was the Q5-fighting GV70, appropriately followed up by the larger GV80.

Genesis jumped into the EV game with its most recent polarizing-styled EV6-ish GV60. Their next model will not only be the largest SUV in their fleet but also fully electric. Based on the Neolun Concept Genesis previewed at the New York Auto Show, here is everything we know so far about the spectacular new EV90.

How much power does the GV90 make?

According to Korean Car Blog, the GV90 will be the first Genesis model to receive Hyundai’s next-gen eM platform, which will replace the current E-GMP setup used in cars like the Kia EV9. The Korean Car Blog tells us that this new platform is expected to have three separate power outputs: 200 kW, 320 kW, and 450 kW, which translates to about 268 hp, 429 hp, and 603 hp, respectively.

What is the range of the GV90?

This depends on whether or not the new eM platform will show up for the GV90 or not. Assuming there are no major delays, InsideEVs reported that the new setup should offer 50% more range than the current E-GMP platform used currently.

With a battery size up to 113.2 kWh, Hyundai is targeting a range of 435 to 497 miles on a single charge, which would be a shocking upgrade from even the most frugal EV9’s 304 miles of range we see today.

What makes the Genesis GV90 special?

Based on the lavishly appointed Neolun concept that Genesis gave us to drool over at the New York Auto Show, the GV90 promises to offer plenty of posh appointments to try and lure disgruntled BMW owners away. Whether or not it will have the Neolun’s real wood floor, leather, and cashmere interior is still up for debate.

We hope to see the two-row setup with swiveling captain’s chairs as at least an option. The Neolun also showed off a very unconventional heating system: films were installed on the dashboard, floor, seatbacks, and door trims to radiate heat throughout the cabin evenly rather than via the more conventional HVAC blower ducts.

How much will the GV90 cost?

As pricing has yet to be announced for the GV90, we can look at Genesis’ current ICE-powered G90 sedan for some guidance. Its MSRP begins at $89,200. As with most EV versions of fossil-fueled cars and trucks, the electric versions tend to be priced markedly higher (for now). Expect the GV90 to start right around that magical $100,000 mark.

When can I buy a Genesis GV90?

Considering that Genesis has yet to debut its latest GV80, we can assume that the bigger GV90 will not appear until at least 2025 as a ’26 model. Once again, the big question mark is whether the new eM platform production will go without any major delays. A good indicator is that whenever we see Kia’s EV8 show up, the Genesis GV90 won’t be far behind.

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