California voted to ban new diesel trucks at ports. Why did L.A. and Long Beach just add 1,000 more?

While California waits for the EPA to act, more than 1,200 trucks have obtained new registrations to move cargo at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach this year; 90% run on diesel.

The Fastest Muscle Cars Of The 1970s

The 1970s essentially marked the beginning of the end for fast muscle cars, but the fast muscle cars on this list managed to survive unscathed.

I drove Hyundai's $52,000 Palisade SUV. These were my 24 favorite features

I recently reviewed a fully-loaded 2024 Hyundai Palisade Calligraphy SUV. I was blown away by its premium cabin, smooth engine, and advanced tech.

Aptera solar electric vehicle drives towards production

Aptera Motors cofounder & co-CEO Chris Anthony discusses the firm’s solar electric vehicle

10 Of The Best New SUVs For Families

Here's What the Air Force's Factory-Deleted Ford Diesels Sound Like

Who would've guessed changing the exhaust system creates a bit of a different tone?

This Chinese EV Starts At Under $14,000

The challenge is keeping them affordable enough to bring to the US in spite of tarrifs.

Did you buy one of the worst cars of all time? Here are the bottom 30, ranked by automotive experts

Many Americans have owned at least one lemon – did yours make the list?

13 Fastest Cars in the World in 2024

Pure speed.

Tesla Has a Trade-In Problem. It’s Going to Last Awhile.

New car prices and used car prices are always linked. That’s why Tesla’s aggressive price cuts designed to sell more new EVs have created a problem for existing owners.

Advocacy group raises concerns about top-selling SUVs: 'Absolutely ridiculous'

"It's not just you: Cars are getting bigger and bigger." Advocacy group raises concerns about top-selling SUVs: 'Absolutely ridiculous' first appeared on The Cool Down.

12 Of The Coolest Tesla Cybertruck Features You Might Have Not Known About

The Tesla Cybertruck is officially on the road, and it comes with plenty of features you might not know about. Here are 12 of the coolest ones.

Watch a grandpa's surprise when his grandson restores his 40-year-old truck

Blake Kincheloe surprises his grandfather Richard Kincheloe in Lebanon, MO, by secretly restoring his 1954 International pickup truck.

FIA releases details on next-gen 2026 F1 racecars – DRS is gone

The FIA announced the first round of specifications for the next generation F1 racecars to start in 2026. The post FIA releases details on next-gen 2026 F1 racecars – DRS is gone appeared first on The Manual.

5 Best Cars To Buy on a $100K Salary

No matter how much money you make, affording a new car can be a challenge. That's especially true since you'll hear lots of different advice about how much of your salary should go toward your...

Popular Automotive Trends That Were Banned By The Authorities

The authorities gave all of these mods a hard pass.

10 Practical Electric Cars With Rock-Solid Dependability

These are the electric cars you need to be looking at if you value practicality and reliability

Waymo recalls 672 self-driving vehicles after Arizona collision

By David Shepardson WASHINGTON (Reuters) -Alphabet's Waymo said Thursday it would recall 672 of its self-driving vehicles after one of its driverless vehicles struck a wooden utility pole in Phoenix, Arizona in May. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration regulator opened an investigation in May after 22 reports of Waymo's robotaxis exhibiting driving behavior that potentially

'CyberGuy': Bullet train-looking giant semitruck to hit US highways

Kurt Knutsson examines Kenworth’s SuperTruck 2, an aerodynamic tractor-trailer for better efficiency.

10 Rarest Mercedes Cars In Existence

With the most expensive model on this list costing $142 million, the average mortal simply cannot afford these ultra-exclusive Mercedes cars

Ford ends controversial EV dealership program

Ford initially asked dealers to invest upward of $1 million in order to sell electric vehicles.

5 Of The Coolest RC Tanks You Can Find Online

Whether as a toy or a design model, tanks are cool, muscular and mechanically complex to assemble. Here's five of the best remote-controlled tanks out there.

13 of the Most Unusual Cars We’ve Ever Seen

Whether it's useless parts or experimental shapes, these cars are strange.

New Ford Capri Will Arrive Next Month As Electric SUV

But it will not be the same four-seat coupe that Europeans love.

2025 Toyota Crown Signia First Drive Review: A Camry Wagon Masquerading as Royalty

Toyota won’t admit it, but there’s a new wagon in town.

2025 Honda Civic Hybrid First Drive Review: Prius Hunter

If there’s one thing in Toyota‘s arsenal that archrival Honda would and frankly should be jealous of, it’s the Prius. For over two decades, Toyota’s hybrid compact sedan has dominated the space in both sales and mindshare, becoming an entire environmentalist icon in the process—everybody knows what a Prius is, everybody’s been in one, and everybody...

1979 Ford F-250 With a Turbo 300 I6 Proves You Don’t Need a Diesel

Old gas engines are plenty capable of doing work—especially when they're boosted with upgraded cams, ignition, and EFI.

Canepa Commissions A Porsche Restomod You've Never Heard Of

This is Kalmar's first 7-97 commission for the United States, and it's headed to a well-known classic and collectible Porsche dealer.

How The 428 Cobra Jet Engine Rescued The Mustang's Performance Image

The redesigned ’67 Mustang was drop-dead gorgeous: racier, more refined and oozing European grand touring flair — particularly the fastback. Its engine bay was widened to accommodate Ford’s FE engines and, for ’67, the 4V 390 got the nod as the top offering. This should’ve made the Mustang a rolling embodiment of Ford's “Total Performance” image – the image Dearborn cultivated with full-page ads and race wins on the world’s biggest stages. But...

Best Used Electric Cars Under $15,000 In 2024

Getting into an EV can be hard on a limited budget. Here are the top 10 least expensive EVs under $15,000.

14 Meanest Looking Cars on the Road

Don’t mess with me! That’s what some cars seem to convey as they rumble down the street. These vehicles exude in-your-face attitude, be it their aggressive grille, sharp-angled headlights, or wide, muscular stance. And, if you crave a ride that turns heads, not for being adorable but for wickedness, you’re in luck, as we have the meanest cars lined up for you.

5 Mid-Size SUVs To Avoid When Looking For A Used Car In 2024

If you have your sights set on a used mid-size SUV, but unsure which make and model to get, here are five that you should steer clear of in 2024.

The treasures of The Henry Ford museum

Now it's open again, why not join us for a tour around one of America’s finest car collections?

Everything Chevy Fans Should Know About The Second Generation Chevelle

Everything Chevy Fans Should Know About th

What Happened To The Chrysler Turbine Car? (And Why Cars Don't Have Jet Engines Today)

The Chrysler Turbine Car was one of the most iconic vehicles of the early 1960s, so what happened to it? Here's the whole story of what happened to jet engines.

BMW Fastest in Shortened Qualifying at 24 Hours of Le Mans

Kamui Kobayashi’s off-track excursion at the Karting corner in the Toyota GR010 Hybrid brought out a red flag that ended the session early.

These Gas Pickup Trucks That Are a Waste of Money

Don't waste your money

The world’s coolest police cars

Cop a load of these...

Which brand of car is most reliable? These are the most dependable vehicles on the market

A new survey from J.D. Power found Kia, Buick and Chevrolet are among the most dependable nonpremium vehicle brands, while Lexus ranks No. 1 overall.

Mopar 340 Vs. 360: Which Is The Better Engine?

Mopar engines like the 340 and 360 were great for muscle cars in the '60s, but the oil crisis of the '70s affected one engine way more than the other.

Auto review: Chevy fields a surprisingly attractive, affordable new battery electric SUV

It’s no mystery why mainstream consumers aren’t flocking to electric vehicles. While public infrastructure remains an issue, if you own a home with a 240-volt outlet, that’s not a problem. The issue is the vehicles themselves. Until now, most were Lilliputian in size and driving range at a gargantuan price premium. Consider the 2011 Ford Focus Electric with its Lilliputian 115-mile range and ...

14 Dangerous Sports Cars for Experienced Drivers Only

During the Arizona Nationals at Firebird Motorsports Park, something unexpected happened. NHRA Pro Stock driver Camrie Caruso was making a high-speed pass in her Camaro when things went sideways—literally. The car lost control and smashed into the track’s wall at around 142 mph, which left her with a broken leg. Crashes like these are not uncommon, even for professional drivers. Sports cars are designed to win races, and with speeds of over 150-200 mph, these cars are no joke to handle. Today, we will look at 14 vehicles you should avoid if you don’t have the experience.

Great cars coming in 2024 and beyond

Take a look at all the cars, SUVs and trucks heading our way, whether they be electric or combustion powered

Lucid Motors Luxury Electric Car Trims Ranked By Price

The Air is the only offering from Lucid at the moment, and the automaker has ensured there's a trim to suit nearly everyone.

Stellantis Recalls Over 200,000 Vehicles

Stellantis is recalling over 211,000 SUVs and pickup trucks due to a software malfunction that may cause their electronic stability control systems to fail.

5 Of The Coolest Saab Fighter Jets Ever Built

To many, Saab is known as a once popular automotive manufacturer, but the name is also attached to some of the best and coolest fighter jets ever built.

Lynk & Co's Z10 Electric Sedan Has Tesla Model S Performance for Model 3 Pricing

Lynk & Co, a sibling company to EV brands like Volvo, Polestar, and Lotus, revealed its first fully electric model called the Z10 in Sweden today.

Revving up Retro Style: The Hottest Cars of the 1950s

Retro design at it's finest.

What Happened To Studebaker Automobiles?

Studebaker was a respected American automaker for decades, until a disastrous merger, coupled with a failure to keep up with the times, did them in.

Top 10 Best-Selling Cars of All Time

While the Toyota RAV4 is one of the best-selling vehicles in years, it hasn't always held that title. Here, we'll delve into the best models ever!